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"Deeply Soulful and Blazingly Acrobatic" Time Out New York, October 2009

"Afghan born Humayun Khan sings melismatic, earthy vocal lines" New York Times, November 2008 

"Melismatic Indian Singing by Humayun Khan" Wall Street Journal, November 2008

“Indian singing by the marvelous Humayun Khan” New York Magazine, November 2008

"Humayun Khan sings the role of Krishna & Improvises in Sanskrit" New York Times, October 2008

“Extraordinary vocal fireworks of Hindustani singer Humayun Khan”  Brooklyn Academy of Music, 2008, Cellia Wren

“Terrific Musician”  Washington Post, April 2008

“Sublime”  Chicago Tribune, September 2007, Aaron Cohen

"Artists Build Cultural Bridges" USA Today, August 2007

“Humayun Khan’s well-phrased vocals keep them on track” Dirty Linen Magazine, June/July 2000

“Best Rising Star of Afghan Music ”  Renowned singer & songwriter of Afghanistan, Taranasaz, 1998

“Humayun Khan’s voice and music reach out and overpower your senses” Pakistan Times, August 1998

          Special Guests

Humayun Khan has collaborated or performed with...

- Ustad Vilayat Khan

Peter Yarrow

- Horacio "el Negro" Hernandez

- Hamid el Kasri

- Ustad Fateh Ali Khan

- Ustad Zakir Hussain

- Ustad Tari Khan

- Shahin Shahida

- Karim Ziad

- Howard Levy

- Douglas J. Cuomo

- Lawson Rollins

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